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Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad

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Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad

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About Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad

Chitra Publicity is Gujarat based Out of Home (OOH) and

Also commonly known as Chitra OOH or Chitra A. Chitra is one of the state’s leading company in the field of OOH advertising. The company was founded in early 19th century by Mr. Mehta. It has a legacy to contemplate as it’s a family owned business since 85 years. The company has expertise over the industry by owning the most significant assets throughout the state.

Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad

Chitra Publicity is an Ahmedabad based advertising agency with more than 85 years of experience. The scope and depth of our presence provides advertisers with the ability to engage with both mass and targeted audiences at many touch-points throughout the day. With a team of 130+ employees & 5 branch offices across Gujarat, Chitra OOH has robust infrastructure to implement campaigns swiftly.

Founded in early 19th century, Chitra Publicity is leading advertising agency and our ambition is to make Chitra Publicity one of the top advertising agency across Gujarat and India. We work on values, trust and honesty. Based on all these standards we have developed long term relationship with our clients. We handle different portfolios of client from various fields.

If you have a product, we will make sure the audience will connect with it. We conquer hearts and capture minds with our proven delivery. Be it engaging masses; or targeting classes, we expose the audience to your advertisement in a manner that will add value to your marketing mix. And that’s what makes Chitra a Top Advertising agency.

Our field of expertise include product placements on unipoles, kiosks, gantries, bus stands and hoardings. We cater to a renowned list of clienteles including Apple, Audi, Jaguar, Renault, Cadbury and many more.

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Outdoor Advertising Company

Why choose us?

Outdoor advertising has become an absolute necessity for brands doing a 365 degree campaign. Chitra has spent last 85 years at the heart of Gujarat outdoor advertising industry with its core expertise in outdoor (OOH) advertising.

  • 130+ Employee
  • Our young team of over 130 employees works closely and directly with clients, as well as global advertising agencies, outdoor specialists, PR, marketing, experiential and events companies.

  • Infrastructure
  • With 5 branch offices across the state, Chitra has the best infrastructure to implement campaigns swiftly.

  • Product Visibility
  • We work directly with some of India’s top brands and advertising agencies to facilitate maximum visibility for your product or service.

  • 256 GSRTC Hoardings
  • We own the sole advertising rights at 256 GSRTC Bus Stands across Gujarat.

  • Proficient SOP
  • We are the only company in the OOH industry that works on proficient Standard Operating Procedures, which helps us to implement campaigns with no hassle and to deliver accurate results.

  • 2000+ Hoardings
  • We own over 2000+ hoardings across Gujarat so you can launch your campaign with just a single point of contact.

  • Influential Locations
  • We own the best media assets in the state of Gujarat and today, we are the biggest media owner in the state. We occupy the major share of hoardings across CG Road & SG Highway in Ahmedabad, Race Course, Sarabhai Circle & Bird Circle in Baroda, Mahila College & Kalawad Road in Rajkot as well as Sardar Bridge, Varaccha Flyover & Vesu Road in Surat City.

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CG Road & SG Highway


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Race Course, Sarabhai Circle & Bird Circle


In Rajkot
Mahila College & Kalawad Road


In Surat
Sardar Bridge, Varaccha Flyover & Vasu Road

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